I used this blog to record my progress in the Open College of the Arts’ photography degree course. I was only part way through the first unit when my wife became pregnant, Emily Edie came along and my time (and money) to continue the course vanished. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course and […]

These photographs were taken in the underground car park that my GPS chose when I visited Barry Falk and Ben Jones’ show that was part of the Brighton Photography Fringe ’14. Once I’d parked up, I realised that I’d seen Barry’s pictures of the same place but couldn’t remember his exact take. I took these three and […]

I had mixed feelings about taking and subsequently posting this picture.

Here’s a first for my learning (b)log, an Instagram picture!

At the weekend I took photographs of the Leicester Forest Cycling Club’s road race. Rather than just shoot pictures of the race itself, I asked people that were riding if they’d mind me following them for the day, the idea being that the set would have a more narrative feel and tell the story of […]

And Now It’s Dark brings together the work of three contemporary American photographers and provides context by setting them amongst a brief collection of American night photography from between 1900 and 1964. It is curated by Dr Mark Rawlinson (Associate Professor of Art History at The University of Nottingham) and runs from 6th September to 9th November at […]

I’m not sure when I first came across Christopher Herwig’s project, but it appealed immediately and after ordering a couple of months ago, I received the book yesterday. It’s the work of a photographer who has obsessively catalogued these Soviet concrete structures after first coming across them on a long-distance bike journey – right up my […]

Since starting the OCA course and creating this blog, I’ve enjoyed using WordPress and found it more user friendly and able to produce better results than Blogger that I used before. I’ve finally got around to migrating my old blog and six years worth of content over to WordPress. If you’re interested in my non-OCA […]

Another book that I’ve been reading recently is David Gibson‘s Street Photography Manual. Gibson is a member of the on-line collective of street photographers called In-Public which has been ‘a pivotal influence’ apparently in the growing popularity of street photography.

As I’ve continued to take pictures for my Bradgate Strangers project, I’ve also kept up the reading and research into portrait photography and similar photographic projects that have set out to document certain parts of the community or social groups.