Category Part 1. The Frame

Exercise – Vertical and horizontal frames

This is one of the exercises I missed as I worked through the first stage of the course and although you might not be able to tell from the images below, I really did get the point of this exercise. The idea was to take 20 consecutive pictures, vertically framed. Then to retrace our steps […]

Exercise – Cropping

Another exercise completed slightly out of sequence, but having read the brief, it didn’t seem critical to have completed the preceding exercises before tackling this, the final exercise in the first section of the course. The exercise involves selecting 3 previously created photographs and experimenting with various crops. As usual, you can click on any […]

Exercise – Balance

You know that your studies are getting under your skin when, while waiting for the toast to pop-up from the toaster, you are rearranging the knives, margarine tub and jam on the chopping board to give a more pleasing balance. This exercise has been hanging around for a while but I finally feel that I […]

Exercise – Positioning The Horizon

Last weekend my wife and I spent the weekend in the Lake District. Early on Sunday morning, I went to take photographs along the shores of Ullswater. Conditions were perfect with blue skies, white clouds and spectacular autumn colours. As I looked down the lake from Pooley Bridge, I remembered that one of my forthcoming […]

Exercise – Focal Lengths with Different Viewpoints

I took the following as the second part in our investigation into focal lengths and perspective. On the same walk as the previous exercise, I took more pictures within Bradgate Park, this time of the ruins of Bradgate Manor and of one of the ancient oaks. On each occasion, I took a picture from some […]

Exercise – Focal Lengths for cameras with variable focal lengths

And so we’re on to focal lengths. I’ll come back to the Sequence of Composition exercise next weekend. The purpose of this exercise was to understand the effect of changing a lens from one focal length to another, which on the face of it, may sound pretty straight forward. However, when combined with the next […]

Exercise – Object in Different Positions in the Frame

With one thing and another, I’ve struggled to get around to this exercise. I’ve taken lots of photos that I’m very happy with recently (more on those later) but none that would be suitable for this. So instead, the next set are all crops from a single image, taken on Portobello beach in Edinburgh. From […]

Exercise – Fitting the Frame to the Subject

The introduction is over, we’ve ‘become familiar with (y)our camera’ and it’s time to ‘begin working on the more interesting parts of photography’ starting with four distinct parts studying composition. Each of those parts is made up of various projects which will begin to appear in the menu on the right of the screen as […]