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Assignment 2 – Elements of Design

The second section of the Art of Photography course builds on the basics of the first and leads us through a series of exercises that explore the use of design elements in composition.

Exercise – Curves

Next up in our exploration of lines in composition, and following on from horizontals, verticals and diagonals, is the curve. We’ve studied these elements in order of dynamism and the sense of movement they bring to a picture; from the stability of the horizontal to the potential for drama in a curve. There are many […]

Exercise – Diagonals

One of the most famous photographs in history features a strong diagonal line and shows the importance of diagonal lines as a compositional device. The flag being raised by American troops over Iwo Jima would not have worked if the flag had been horizontal or vertical. The diagonal line implies action, movement and dynamism. I’m not […]

Exercise – Horizontal and vertical lines (part 2)

The course notes tell us not to read further until we have completed the previous exercise. What they don’t explain at that stage is that we will be asked to write further about the photographs produced for it. As I’m currently in Poland for Christmas, I’m writing up these notes on an iPad (mini) with […]

Exercise – Horizontal and Vertical Lines

Having read the brief for this exercise, I decided I would try to shoot as many pictures for this exercise in the 15-20 minutes I had while my wife was at the dentist’s. We were in her home town of Kępno in Poland, a town that I know fairly well, but not well enough to […]