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Personal Work – More News From Nowhere

These photographs were taken in the underground car park that my GPS chose when I visited Barry Falk and Ben Jones’ show that was part of the Brighton Photography Fringe ’14. Once I’d parked up, I realised that I’d seen Barry’s pictures of the same place but couldn’t remember his exact take. I took these three and […]

Personal Work – Crash Site

I had mixed feelings about taking and subsequently posting this picture.

Assignment 5: Narrative and Illustration – Subject Choice

At the weekend I took photographs of the Leicester Forest Cycling Club’s road race. Rather than just shoot pictures of the race itself, I asked people that were riding if they’d mind me following them for the day, the idea being that the set would have a more narrative feel and tell the story of […]

Personal Work – New non-coursework blog

Since starting the OCA course and creating this blog, I’ve enjoyed using WordPress and found it more user friendly and able to produce better results than Blogger that I used before. I’ve finally got around to migrating my old blog and six years worth of content over to WordPress. If you’re interested in my non-OCA […]

Personal work – Bradgate Strangers (continued)

As I’ve continued to take pictures for my Bradgate Strangers project, I’ve also kept up the reading and research into portrait photography and similar photographic projects that have set out to document certain parts of the community or social groups.

Personal Work – From the 12th Floor Exhibition

In December, I was lucky enough to receive an invite from my friend and photographer Iain Jaques to get involved in an arts project being run by Leicester City Council.

Personal Work – Bradgate Strangers

Following the prescriptive exercises of the previous section of the course, I fancied a project outside of the syllabus that would challenge me in other ways.

Personal Work – Dear Neighbour

Ever since reading about Shizuka Yokomizo’s Stranger project in Charlotte Cotton’s book on photography as contemporary art, I’ve been thinking of ways to do something similar.

Personal Work – The Flyover

One of the main roads into Leicester has had a pointless flyover for as long as I can remember. Travelling over it on the bus as a kid was always pretty thrilling, being so high off the ground, and whenever I’ve rode a bike over it, it’s always felt like I was breaking some law […]


It’s very rare that I’ll ask a stranger for a picture, but whenever I have, the stranger has always obliged.