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Assignment 4 – Applying lighting techniques

This assignment comes at the end of a series of exercises that investigate the use of different lighting techniques. I’ve explored the colour and temperature of light in different weather conditions and through various times of the day; looking at both available light, natural and man-made, as well as photographic lighting. To demonstrate some of the […]

Assignment 4 – Subject Choice

I’ve now completed all but one of the exercises in the lighting section of the course. The one I’ve missed is the impractical ‘lighting through the day’ that required repeat visits to the same spot between sunrise and sunset. Given that there are 18 hours of daylight at this time of year and I work […]

Assignment 3 – Colour

For assignment three, we are required to produce 16 photographs (4 each) which illustrate the following colour relationships:

Assignment 1 – Contrast: Tutor Feedback

Last night I received my tutor’s feedback on my first assignment. It had taken a while, but was worth the wait. The opening sentence said: ‘you have submitted an excellent first assignment’. I was tempted to close the email at that point but I read on and was happy with the very positive feedback on the […]

Assignment 1 – Contrast

The first assignment in the Art of Photography course is designed to explore ‘one of the most fundamental principals in design: Contrast’. After the dry-run of choosing our own previously shot pictures and placing them into contrasting pairs, the assignment required that we shoot eight more pairs that ‘best express the extremes of different qualities’ and […]

Assignment 1 – Contrast: Preparation

Finally, after a couple of weeks of avoiding it, I’ve begun thinking about my first assignment. The submission doesn’t actually count towards the final assessment of the module, but is a valuable ‘dry run’ as it will be submitted to my tutor and feedback given. When I chatted to my tutor, I committed (in a […]