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Pentti Sammallahti – Here Far Away

My valentine generously bought me this book and I’ve been looking forward to spending a bit of time with it.

Max Kandhola – The Aura of Boxing

This morning, my wife decided that she would take my mother-in-law to a show in Nottingham. I was invited along, but an unspoken understanding ensured that I would do something else while they enjoyed ‘Singing in the Rain’.

Charlotte Cotton – The Photograph as Contemporary Art. Chapter 1

Normally, I’d write up a book after reading the whole thing, rather than just a first chapter, but for this book, I’ve made an exception.

Geoff Dyer – The Ongoing Moment

I had begun Geoff Dyer’s book length essay on photography a few weeks before I started my course. In fact, reading it was part of my motivation for choosing to study photography. As I’ve stated elsewhere, I’m probably ‘OK’ at using a camera, the bits I struggle with are contextualising my pictures and exploring concepts […]