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Assignment 4 – Applying lighting techniques

This assignment comes at the end of a series of exercises that investigate the use of different lighting techniques. I’ve explored the colour and temperature of light in different weather conditions and through various times of the day; looking at both available light, natural and man-made, as well as photographic lighting. To demonstrate some of the […]

Exercise – The lighting angle

This exercise shows us the effect of moving a light source around the subject, or rather what information we can give on the subjects colour, shape and form by lighting from different angles.

Assignment 3 – Colour: Tutor feedback

My tutor’s feedback on my third assignment arrived last week and was better than I’d hoped.

Exercise – Colours into tones in black and white

You’ll hear photographers occasionally talking about to learning to ‘see in black and white’. What this means is that rather than seeing the colours in a scene, they need to see tones.

Assignment 3 – Colour

For assignment three, we are required to produce 16 photographs (4 each) which illustrate the following colour relationships:

Exercise – Control the strength of a colour – cameras with manual option

After the relief of submitting the assignment that saw the conclusion of the section on Elements of Design, we’re on the part three – Colour.