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Personal Work – Bradgate Strangers

Following the prescriptive exercises of the previous section of the course, I fancied a project outside of the syllabus that would challenge me in other ways.

Exercise – Cloudy weather and rain

This exercise shows us the difference between shots taken in direct sunlight and under cloud.

Exercise – Variety with a low sun

Having an abundance of light is not necessarily what a photographer needs. More important is the quality of that light.

Assignment 3 – Colour

For assignment three, we are required to produce 16 photographs (4 each) which illustrate the following colour relationships:

Assignment 2 – Elements of Design

The second section of the Art of Photography course builds on the basics of the first and leads us through a series of exercises that explore the use of design elements in composition.


It’s very rare that I’ll ask a stranger for a picture, but whenever I have, the stranger has always obliged.

Exercise – Real and implied triangles

In this section of the course, it feels that we are heavily reliant on Michael Freeman and his book on composition and once again, I draw upon his explanation of why triangles work in composition, and how easy they are to find. Triangles are the simplest shape, having the fewest number of sides. They are also […]

Exercise – Rhythms and patterns

Again, I’m slightly out of sequence posting this, but as I blogged previously, my time off in Poland allowed me to read ahead a little and begin to plan future exercises. It can be easier to go out looking only for diagonals for example, but by reading ahead, I was looking for lines, diagonals, curves, […]

Exercise – Horizontal and vertical lines (part 2)

The course notes tell us not to read further until we have completed the previous exercise. What they don’t explain at that stage is that we will be asked to write further about the photographs produced for it. As I’m currently in Poland for Christmas, I’m writing up these notes on an iPad (mini) with […]

Exercise – Positioning a point

In this exercise, we begin to study the ‘elements of design’ by looking at positioning of single points within a frame. This study requires points rather than objects that we covered in an earlier exercise. You may remember my set from Portobello beach that investigated the effect of positioning the same object in different positions. […]