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Personal Work – More News From Nowhere

These photographs were taken in the underground car park that my GPS chose when I visited Barry Falk and Ben Jones’ show that was part of the Brighton Photography Fringe ’14. Once I’d parked up, I realised that I’d seen Barry’s pictures of the same place but couldn’t remember his exact take. I took these three and […]

Personal Work – Crash Site

I had mixed feelings about taking and subsequently posting this picture.

And Now It’s Dark – American Night Photography

And Now It’s Dark brings together the work of three contemporary American photographers and provides context by setting them amongst a brief collection of American night photography from between 1900 and 1964. It is curated by Dr Mark Rawlinson (Associate Professor of Art History at The University of Nottingham) and runs from 6th September to 9th November at […]

Exercise – Outdoors at night

I’d like to think that I’m pretty well versed in night time photography

Personal Work – Dear Neighbour

Ever since reading about Shizuka Yokomizo’s Stranger project in Charlotte Cotton’s book on photography as contemporary art, I’ve been thinking of ways to do something similar.

Assignment 2 – Tutor Feedback

Last night I received my tutor’s report on my second assignment – the Elements of Design.

Personal Work – The Flyover

One of the main roads into Leicester has had a pointless flyover for as long as I can remember. Travelling over it on the bus as a kid was always pretty thrilling, being so high off the ground, and whenever I’ve rode a bike over it, it’s always felt like I was breaking some law […]

Assignment 2 – Elements of Design

The second section of the Art of Photography course builds on the basics of the first and leads us through a series of exercises that explore the use of design elements in composition.

Exercise – Positioning a point

In this exercise, we begin to study the ‘elements of design’ by looking at positioning of single points within a frame. This study requires points rather than objects that we covered in an earlier exercise. You may remember my set from Portobello beach that investigated the effect of positioning the same object in different positions. […]

Exercise – Cropping

Another exercise completed slightly out of sequence, but having read the brief, it didn’t seem critical to have completed the preceding exercises before tackling this, the final exercise in the first section of the course. The exercise involves selecting 3 previously created photographs and experimenting with various crops. As usual, you can click on any […]