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Exercise – Juxtaposition

Here’s a first for my learning (b)log, an Instagram picture!

David Gibson – The street photographer’s manual

Another book that I’ve been reading recently is David Gibson‘s Street Photography Manual. Gibson is a member of the on-line collective of street photographers called In-Public which has been ‘a pivotal influence’ apparently in the growing popularity of street photography.

Exercise – Rhythms and patterns

Again, I’m slightly out of sequence posting this, but as I blogged previously, my time off in Poland allowed me to read ahead a little and begin to plan future exercises. It can be easier to go out looking only for diagonals for example, but by reading ahead, I was looking for lines, diagonals, curves, […]

Exercise – Vertical and horizontal frames

This is one of the exercises I missed as I worked through the first stage of the course and although you might not be able to tell from the images below, I really did get the point of this exercise. The idea was to take 20 consecutive pictures, vertically framed. Then to retrace our steps […]

Exercise – Curves

Next up in our exploration of lines in composition, and following on from horizontals, verticals and diagonals, is the curve. We’ve studied these elements in order of dynamism and the sense of movement they bring to a picture; from the stability of the horizontal to the potential for drama in a curve. There are many […]

Exercise – Positioning a point

In this exercise, we begin to study the ‘elements of design’ by looking at positioning of single points within a frame. This study requires points rather than objects that we covered in an earlier exercise. You may remember my set from Portobello beach that investigated the effect of positioning the same object in different positions. […]