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Christopher Herwig – Soviet Bus Stops

I’m not sure when I first came across Christopher Herwig’s project, but it appealed immediately and after ordering a couple of months ago, I received the book yesterday. It’s the work of a photographer who has obsessively catalogued these Soviet concrete structures after first coming across them on a long-distance bike journey – right up my […]

Personal work – Bradgate Strangers (continued)

As I’ve continued to take pictures for my Bradgate Strangers project, I’ve also kept up the reading and research into portrait photography and similar photographic projects that have set out to document certain parts of the community or social groups.

The Vivian Maier Industry

Vivian Maier is big news at the moment with the release of a documentary film, a BBC feature and various books collecting her work being published.


It’s very rare that I’ll ask a stranger for a picture, but whenever I have, the stranger has always obliged.

Charlotte Cotton – The Photograph as Contemporary Art. Chapter 1

Normally, I’d write up a book after reading the whole thing, rather than just a first chapter, but for this book, I’ve made an exception.