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And Now It’s Dark – American Night Photography

And Now It’s Dark brings together the work of three contemporary American photographers and provides context by setting them amongst a brief collection of American night photography from between 1900 and 1964. It is curated by Dr Mark Rawlinson (Associate Professor of Art History at The University of Nottingham) and runs from 6th September to 9th November at […]

Assignment 2 – Elements of Design

The second section of the Art of Photography course builds on the basics of the first and leads us through a series of exercises that explore the use of design elements in composition.

Todd Hido

I took the picture above as part of the ‘Positioning a point’ exercise and posted it on social media yesterday. One of my contacts made the extremely generous comment that it looked ‘like a Todd Hido but in mono’. Before replying, and telling him how flattered I was by his comment (and how misguided he […]