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Exercise – Judging colour temperature 1

Having completed the exercises on lighting slightly out of sequence due to the vagaries of the English weather, I’ve already explored the changes in the colour of daylight and the reasons for it in the post Judging Colour Temperature 2, before moving on to similar exercises with artificial light.

Exercise – Tungsten and fluorescent lighting

After the exercises looking at the various colours of daylight (here, here, here and here), it’s time to do the same thing with artificial light.

Exercise – Cloudy weather and rain

This exercise shows us the difference between shots taken in direct sunlight and under cloud.

Getting To Know Your Camera

And so it begins. After creating the blog, mailing my tutor and poking around the OCA’s website, today I opened my coursework and actually made a start. I enjoyed the brief introductory text, particularly the  quote from Galen Rowell regarding method versus equipment. Having recently started using the X100 after so many years of digital […]